Hidden Hotel is a hidden object hotel restoration game where there are tasks to achieve using the stars that you earn. Each scene can sprout 10 stars that you can use to achieve daily tasks. The higher the stars, the harder it is to get them.

Each scene requires energy. You have a default of 110 energy if it is full. Some scenes require 10 energy or 15 energy. When you start to “play”, you are given a list of items to find. If you fail to find all objects, then the coins earned and score earned will not be credited.

The Gameplay

Each of the scenes are unorganized and very chaotic and it really needs your attention to find what is needed. Most of the objects are almost the same but sometimes it is drawn a bit differently. You have a fixed number of time to find all objects. Failure to find all items in the specific time does not earn you anything. The faster you find the object, the higher chances of earning more coins and scores. However, if the item that you are looking for is not correct, time will be deducted on your time left.

Each stars that you earn will help you renovate the hotel. If you’re into interior designing then you can put your skills to the test. You can choose items to renovate your hotel. Some of it can be modern, classic or retro. It’s your choice.

Once you run out of energy, you can do some other things to do to earn them. But usually you can earn them in time or if the “day” is 100%, your energy will go back to a 100%.


  • Each scene has a list of items, however, you are not sure what each item looks like. We use the radar power up to help us find the item to be found.
  • Some items are the same color in other scenes. It would be faster memorizing their colors to find them quickly.

The Powerups

In the game, there are only 3 power ups to choose from but that’s not accurate. There are actually 4 power ups.

  • The radar scans the items in the room to find the objects that you need to find.
  • The extending time gives you a bit of time to find the remaining objects if you run out of time.
  • The keys finds 3 items on the list of items to find.
  • The lantern finds a random item on your list.

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